Darren Olsen

7th Dan

About Me

Started Karate in 1979 in Skinners reserve, community hall, in Sunshine. Received black belt in 1984 at a Gushuku with a visiting instructor Sensei Chris Thompson. Have since been graded to 2nd and 3rd Dan by Sensei Kimura 8th Dan, I have enjoyed my journey grading in Japan over the years from 4th dan by Sensei Tani (the founder of Shukokai) in 1996, and my current grades by Sensei Kawata.

Experienced competition fairly extensively from 1981 to 1991, competing for Victoria in the Australian Karate federation for 5 years, and a number of Shukokai world championships overseas. In 2006 became a Victorian state kumite coach for the Australian Karate Federation, in 2018 became a National coach, supporting the Australian team at a number of world championships.

My first love is effective traditional karate and the character building benefits that a journey in a karate system offers. I have definitely reaped the benefits from the personal development Samurai Karate has to offer in my personal life and career. My other passion is the relationships I have forged and the lives I have affected in a positive way, since I started teaching in 1985.

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