Don Godwin

4th Dan

About Me

Don Started training in 1969 in Zimbabwe, Africa under Sensei Des Botes – a pioneer of Shukokai karate in that country. His first two gradings were with Sensei Shigeru Kimura and he progressed to 1st Kyu brown belt, a senior club member and assistant instructor before emigrating to Australia. Don is one of the few remaining karate-ka to have been instructed and graded by Sensei Kimura. After emigrating he continued his development under Sensei Paul Mitchell, and received permission to start the first Shukokai Club in Western Australia.

Always looking to improve as a karate-ka and instructor, Don trained again with Sensei Kimura as well as Sensei Chojiro Tani – the founder of Shukokai, with Sensei Haruyoshi Yamada and Sensei Kazuo Ishitobi in Japan and Sensei Shigemasa Kawata in Melbourne. His teaching style, which maximises personal interaction, has been influenced by attending professional development courses and regular training seminars with Sensei Paul Mitchell, Sensei Lilian McGinn, and Sensei Darren Olsen.

Don trains regularly every week with Sensei Natasha Fabian to improve and maintain his skills in karate-do. He is passionate about enhancing his student’s abilities, developing powerful impact and expanding on his current knowledge of self-defence techniques.

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